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Roadmap Tax Clients:
*Please note that our Portal has been recently updated; therefore, all Roadmap Tax clients will need to establish NEW Portal accounts beginning in 2024 for the filing of 2023 tax returns. If you have not yet received an invitation to create your new Portal account, please CONTACT US so that we can send you an invitation to Create your new account.

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Once you’ve established your new portal account, please enter your Username and Password in the “Client Sign In” button below to access your newly established Portal account.

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If you are a Roadmap Tax client, and have not yet created, or been invited to create, your new Portal account, please contact us at nat@roadmaptaxservices.com or call 336-291-3535 and ask for Nat so that we will send you the LINK to create your new account.

Non-Tax Client:

If you are NOT a Roadmap Tax client and have information that you need to send to us, please use the “Guest Exchange” button below.

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The Portal is primarily for our tax clients who have already established their account in the Portal (or will be establishing their account); thus, our tax clients should use the “Client Sign In” section. The Guest Exchange is intended to be used by those who are NOT Roadmap Tax Clients.